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A4 Printing Ours Theirs Quantity
A4 Print (Mono) 7c 10c 1-500
A4 Print (Color) 45c 88c
A4 Print (Mono) 6c 8c 500-1000
A4 Print (Color) 36c 68c
A4 Print (Mono) 4c 5c 1000-3000
A4 Print (Color) 25c 43c
A4 Print (Mono) 3c 4c 3000+
A4 Print (Color) 18c 23c
A3 Printing Ours Theirs Quantity
A3 Print (Mono) 14c 20c 1-500
A3 Print (Color) 90c $1.73
A3 Print (Mono) 12c 16c 500-1000
A3 Print (Color) 72c $1.33
A3 Print (Mono) 8c 10c 1000-3000
A3 Print (Color) 43c 80c
A3 Print (Mono) 3c 4c 3000+
A3 Print (Color) 18c 23c

Coloured stock add 15%
Gloss, Satin or heavier stocks quoted as required
Carbonless quoted as required

Other Services Ours Theirs
Wire Binding $2.75 $3.80
Spiral Binding $2.75 $3.20
Padding $1.50
Saddle Stitch $1.50
Edge Staple $1.00
Clear Cover 50c 70c



For all your short run printing needs
Flyers, catalogs, brochures, customised note pads,
calendars, log books, resumes, school or Uni reports.
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